How Haverland electric radiators can reduce unnecessary waste of energy

electric radiators can reduce unnecessary waste of energy

isOn March is celebrated the World Energy Efficiency Day. It is a good time to reflect on the rational use we give to energy and its consequence. The concept of “energy efficiency” means making good use of energy to try to curb climate change. Concerns about climate change and energy efficiency are becoming a growing concern in households, in recent years the purchase of electric radiators efficient has increased considerably and Haverland is the perfect ally to optimize energy efficiency due to its commitment to the environment.

Energy efficiency does not imply renouncing the quality of life, which means obtaining the same goods and services, but with the use of less polluting products and smart consumption.

How electric radiators can reduce unnecessary waste of energy

The energy efficiency of our home is determined by many factors, from the insulation of our walls and floors to the bulbs we use. It is also true that one of the biggest energy costs of homes are the appliances, so it is vital to choose electric radiators efficient. These emitters are a high energy efficient system because they optimize the energy savings and energy consumption of your home. They are individual heating appliances that work by connecting to the electricity grid and do not need gaseous or chemical fuels. This means that they do not harm the atmosphere, and do not require continuous maintenance in addition to having a simple, easy and fast installation.

Haverland´s electric radiators

Haverland’s electric radiators efficient are made of aluminium, turning them into heat transmitters and excellent thermal conductors. The electric radiators efficient WI Auto programmable help you save with their simple programs. Thanks to its presence sensor they are programmed alone, operating only when you are in the room. In addition, this radiator can be controlled from anywhere thanks to the exclusive Haverland App.

Electric Radiators

Another model is the RCBL, it has an accuracy of +/-0.2 thanks to its digital PID thermostat and its high-quality resistors that distribute heat homogeneously throughout the surface. In addition, it has the option of daily manual programming, hour by hour or automatic. It also has a thermal safety limiter.

Another of the electric radiators efficient that we can find is the RCV, an apparatus that controls the heat zones thanks to a standard central heating panel “Pilot Wire”. It has a programmable digital thermostat, with 4 preset programs and 1 programmable option. When we want and not when we are not, which means being energy efficient. It also has a thermal safety limiter to not waste heat.

In conclusion, when using electric radiators, it is believed that the electricity bill can increase, but fortunately, in Haverland we have a wide range of electric radiators efficient with different sizes, consumption and power to adapt to the needs of each space. Energy efficiency also means using energy only when is necessary. With these heating systems you can choose energy consumption due to the programming function, and without having to be at home and limit it also thanks to its thermal limiter.