How does a remote control heater work?

The remote control heater has entered our lives to stay, making our days much more comfortable, but… How does a remote control heater work and waht does it do? Well, it allows us to manage a heater by means of radio or infrared signals, so we can turn it on and off whenever we want, even regulate their temperature.

One of the main advantages of a remote control heater is that, unlike a normal electric radiator, they can regulate its temperature, turn off or turn on without having to get up or move to it. We have all the tools to guarantee your comfort at one button reach.

To use the remote control heater, you will have to download the Haverland app, from there you can use the remote control, schedule the hours when you want the heating to turn on and enjoy the peace and comfort of your home.

Types of remote control heater

In Haverland there are different functionalities within remote control heaters that make them unique. Each of our remote control heaters has different characteristics, there are some that connect to the internet and regulate themselves automatically, and others that are controlled only by remote control, adapting to your needs.

Some of our remote control heater are:

  • ULTRAD: this electric radiator knows when a person enters the room to heat it up to the perfect temperature. It also has five models ranging from 500-1500 watts, a safety limiter, auto time and date recognition from switch on a smart device for your comfort.
  • RCTT Connect: has been created to help you regulate your temperature, reducing your energy usage. It connects to your router without the need of any other accessory. You just need to download the Haverland App and it will be ready to be set, you will have a 24/7 programming control, in addition to an open window detection. A technology of the future, ready to be used today.

At Haverland we have countless options for any of your needs, guaranteeing your comfort and safety without forgetting the environment.