Home improvement trends for 2018

Home improvement trends for 2018

2018 is underway and as well as being the year of the Winter Olympics, a royal wedding and the world cup, there are many who will be setting aside time and money to make this the year of home improvements.

If you are thinking about undertaking some home improvements, here are three of the top predicted trends for the year:

  • Improving the view – with continued budgetary restrictions for many, the trend towards improving rather than moving, looks set to continue. As well increasing property value, many will be aiming to create an illusion of space by going open-plan.

When areas are opened up, it is worth considering electric radiators in cooler parts of the space. Haverland’s range of solutions includes the Designer RCTT where a cost-effective solution is of the essence, the Designer INERZIA Dry Stone for high ceiling spaces and the ULTRAD smart radiator for ultimate heating control.

  • All-ages living – The cost of living and a housing shortage have combined to cause the return of many grown children to the parental nest. 2018 will see many parents looking to adapt their homes for multi-generational living. Electric radiators are ideal as heat sources for less frequently used rooms such as lofts, basements and annex rooms and many of Haverland’s radiators, such as the RCBL, have integrated temperature comfort, economy or anti-freeze settings, enabling the heating to be tailored to room usage.
  • Living smart – the march of smart-technology continues in 2018 and has now moved to include electric radiators, as well as central heating. Thanks to Haverland’s IoT connected heater, ULTRAD, it is now possible to incorporate a Smartbox that allows remote heating control – from anywhere and at any time or connection to Amazon Echo devices for voice control.

So, whether you are planning major or minor home improvements this year, don’t underestimate the versatility that electric radiators offer.