Haverland specializes in designer radiators in the UK

designer radiators in UK

When it comes to our home, we are always looking for design and functionality to go hand in hand. That’s why at Haverland we specialize in designer radiators in the UK, meeting your needs, to ensure your comfort and safety.

Specialized design in bathroom radiators UK, is it possible?

The bathroom is always the forgotten area when it comes to technology. We focus on decorating other parts of the house without taking into account that the bathroom is just another room. That’s why we specialize in bathroom radiators UK, having a vertical radiator for your towels will not only improve your design, but also your comfort. Haverland offers two types of bathroom radiators:

  • Hercules Bathroom radiator: is an stylish and sleek tempered-glass towel warmer offers unrivalled designer looks with energy efficiency and optimum user comfort for a perfect room temperature and warm and dry towels at your fingertips. It also has daily, weekly and weekend programming options and an open window detection function
  • TOD – Towel Rail Heater: is a highly practical feature to hold and warm towels as well as the room itself, offering a modern touch of luxury to any shower or bathroom. It also provides an electronic thermostat, antifreeze mode and an intelligent temperature control system.


A new bathroom without the need for renovation

Often, our first option when we want a change in the bathroom is to reform it, however, there are other options such as adding elements that improve the design, providing elegance and modernity. Sometimes, with a simple change we can achieve amazing and impactful results in the design of our home.


At Haverland we offer you the possibility of improving the design of your bathroom with a simple change of your thermal emitters, reducing the cost of what could be a complete renovation and improving comfort for your family.