Guide to picking the best electric radiator for your room

bathroom electric radiator

Whether looking to heat a conservatory, a bathroom or an office space, there is an electric heater to suit. When choosing the type of electric radiators to purchase, it is important to think about where they will be located, what level of functionality is wanted and how much is available to spend on them.

Luxury Living

Designer radiators fill an important gap in the market, satisfying those who want a practical solution to their heating needs while, at the same time, enhancing the attractiveness of their home or workplace.  Haverland has created a range of electric radiators to meet these needs.  The Designer RCTT is a stylish, energy-efficient solution for any living or working space in all types of buildings.  It combines the very best of high quality design with precision engineering and thermal capabilities – to heat the space efficiently and effectively.

Those looking for sleek design, combined with smart control, the Haverland ULTRAD electric radiator can be controlled via a smart device. In addition, it will sense when the room is occupied, using unique sensor technology and heat or lower the temperature accordingly.  Its self-programmable nature makes the ULTRAD the future of smart electric radiators.

Lofty Aspirations

For domestic installations that have high ceilings, the Designer INERZIA Dry Stone is ideal.  The radiators are specifically designed to effectively heat large spaces or rooms with high ceilings, such as open plan public areas, communal stairwells, as well as listed buildings and commercial spaces. Haverland also has a range of electric radiators designed for conservatories and loft conversions. The RCBL has been designed with shorter depths, making it ideal for installation on low-level walls.

Beautiful Bathrooms

A unique, luxurious addition to any contemporary bath or shower room is the Haverland XTAL PLASMA. With an ultra slim line profile, the innovative tempered glass design brings sophistication to any bathroom. TE-heated towel rails are also available for those looking for a more traditional bathroom heating solution, yet still want to bring a touch of modern luxury to the space.

Social Yet Stylish

Haverland also caters for a range of social housing applications.  The Designer RCE range is a cost-effective budget option for installations in private housing, social housing, offices, shops and student accommodation.  The Designer RCE blends into its surroundings and incorporates clean technology, meaning no stains or damage to decor.  The Designer RCA range has also been designed with housing associations, social housing and care homes in mind.  With an easy to use dial to power on/off and control temperature, the Designer RCA is a simple and accessible electric radiator that anyone can safely operate.

Sophisticated Commercial Spaces

Partitioned, zone controlled heating in apartments, hotels and office spaces, that want to achieve a sophisticated look and feel, there is the sleek, Designer RCV. This is the ideal radiator for medium to high thermal output installations and less frequented areas such as banqueting halls in hotels, conference facilities in corporate buildings, sanctuaries in churches, communal areas in apartment and offices developments etc.

No matter which area you are looking to heat, Haverland has an electric radiator to suit your needs.