In this post, we will explain step by step how to install a Haverland electric radiator fixed to the wall, as well as possible indications and recommendations to take into account.

Installing an electric radiator is quite simple, since it does not require home improvement jobs, nor does it depend on the installation of pipes or circuits, it is only necessary to have an electrical outlet nearby. Thanks to our innovative models, you will achieve a homogeneous and constant heat throughout the room, with the possibility of programming it manually or automatically. They are one of the most efficient heating solutions on the market, providing low energy consumption and safety thanks to their smart features.


Once you have chosen the ideal location for your new electric radiator on a stable and level wall, and before beginning its installation, clean the radiator before its first start-up with a damp cloth. Once clean, it is time to begin assembly and installation. Remember that it has to be near an electrical outlet.

  • Place the template (included in the packaging) on ​​the wall where you want to install the electric radiator. Mark the anchor points. Take into account that the radiator must respect a minimum safety distance of 15 cm on any material, so if you are thinking of placing a shelf over it, make sure that it complies with these minimum distances
  • Drill the anchor points according to the instructions on the template and, once done, remove the template and insert the dowels with the help of a hammer.
  • Tighten the top screw of each bracket until it touches the bottom pin.
  • Attach the brackets in an upright position, with the screw tips facing downward, ensuring that they are properly seated. You will need 4 x 5.5 x 50mm screws.
  • Time to install the radiator on the wall. Support the radiator starting at the bottom and then hang the upper part of the radiator with the help of the protruding tabs. Check that the radiator is held correctly and does not move
  • Completely tighten the vertical screw of the bracket (point 2) to correctly fix the electric radiator.
    Connect it to the power and press the switch located on the right side. Check it out. You already have your electric radiator installed.


The next step in successfully connecting your Haverland electric radiator would be to set up your programming. In this case, depending on the model, both the control panel and the steps to follow will vary. In the smart electric radiator models, you will also have the possibility to configure auto-programming from your smartphone with the free Haverland APP.

Finally, the electric radiator hardly needs maintenance, just by passing a duster or a cloth, it is more than enough, you just have to clean it when it is off and see that it has dust.

If you cannot find the instruction manual, or want to obtain a digital version, all manuals for each product are available.