How to get the most from your electric radiators this winter

The beauty of our electric radiators is they come with a myriad of energy efficient features, making them highly controllable to help minimise energy waste and keep your costs low.

With a long winter ahead and more time spent indoors, now is the time to take full advantage of the clever energy saving features and functionality on Haverland radiators to maximise efficiency and to save you money.

Here are some easy ways to maximise efficiency, your comfort and cost savings.

Programme them to your daily routine

Our radiators are so controllable you can programme them day by day and hour by hour, down to the minute, to suit your lifestyle, so you’re never wasting money heating the house. You can create any schedule you want to fit around your daily routines, no matter how different they are.

Just turned your heating on and need to reprogramme your radiators?  Don’t worry. All Haverland radiators are quick and easy to programme after months of dormancy and we’ve got some handy step by step guides to help you set up your radiators to the exact temperature you want, when you need it.

Easy to follow videos:

For RCTT, Inerzia radiators


Easy to follow reprogramming guides for all of our other radiators can be found here

If you need help, our technical team is on hand to support you.

electric radiators this winter

Match heat to room use

Match your heating schedule to how frequently or infrequently you use each room, so you’re not wasting energy. Schedule your radiator to turn off when you’re not using a room or keep it running on the economy setting if you want to maintain some level warmth.

There are also pre-set lifestyle heating schedules in radiators like the RCBL you can choose from.

Our ultra-smart radiator, Ultrad, has built-in motion sensing so it knows when you are in the room and sets itself to the ideal temperature.  It also detects how long a room has been empty and lowers its temperature to an economy and then anti-frost heating. 

Think thermostat!

Our technically advanced, super precise thermostats are accurate to 0.2OC so you can programme your radiator to highly specific heats. Our thermostats will monitor the temperature you set in the room;  if it rises above your set temperature, the radiator will turn off – saving energy and money – and if it drops below what you’ve set it will switch on and top up the heat.

Or make full use of our easy temperature pre-settings – comfort, economy and anti-freeze – to suit how you use each room.

Lowering your thermostat by just 1 degree, will save you pounds and you won’t even notice the temperature change. You’ll be keeping warm and cosy using minimum energy.

Use data from the energy monitor

Make use of the data from our built in energy monitors so you can see how much energy you are using in each room on a daily, monthly or annual basis.  You can then make adjustments so you’re maximising energy use and saving money.

Check all of your energy saving features are enabled

  • Open window function –  don’t let your warm air escape through open windows. Our open window detection function will automatically switch off the radiator when it senses a fall in temperature.  Don’t worry, it will switch itself back on and heat up to the original temperature, but it means you aren’t throwing money, literally, out of the window.
  • Adaptive start function – this kicks in whenever the radiators’ temperature is scheduled to change, heating the room to the temperature you’ve set for the correct time.  It uses minimum power consumption, but gives you maximum heat management.

Boost option

If it gets really chilly and you need a quick boost of heat in the room, the boost function button will give you full power heat for up to 2 hours regardless of the operation mode the radiator is on.  You can get a shot of extra heat when and where you need it from the press of a button, rather than having to change the thermostat and programme schedule – which you may forget to change back!

Get App savvy  

Our ULTRAD and Simply radiators can be set and controlled via our App from a smartphone, tablet and PC from anywhere, giving you total control at your fingertips 24/7.  At a glance you can see the status of each radiator, the actual room temperature and the temperature you’ve set for each radiator. You can adjust temperatures and view real-time consumption and costs. Perfect for energy savings and comfort.

More so than any other type of heating, electric radiators have exceptional functionality and accuracy and are highly and easily controllable enabling  you to maximise efficiency and minimise energy wastage.

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