Find the best fit for your home. Electric radiators for any space

When deciding a heating system for your home, several factors must be taken into account, such as room size, active time spam, instalment energy saving, size and design of our device, to mention a few… . In Haverland we would like to unify design and functionality, so our catalogue is quite rich regarding models. Thus, we can be reassured that you can find a model that suits your needs. Find your electric radiators for any space of your home.

Haverland electric radiators

 You can find more detailed information about some of our electric radiators below to make your choice easier according to your needs and characteristics of our device.

Big size houses or parlors such as offices:

In order to heat  big espaces we should focus on our device heating capacity to heat huge areas with efficiency. For example, you can find models in our catalogue such as “Designer RCTT”.  which is  elegant in design and  powerful because of its capacity to keep it warm longer thanks to its high thermal inertia.

INERZIA Dry Stoneis another model which also can cater for your needs in this case due to its capacity and “ Dry Stone” system which offers even better results concerning heating efficiency. Actually, this is one of the best devices to warn big houses, public areas, offices, markets, etc…

Big venues which are less populated and connected to different halls:

Temperature in  common areas in offices, hotel lounges or sanctuaries, for example,  can be rather warm and nice thanks to the advanced technology of our “RCV” model whose remote control programme can also save energy.

Average home size or lofts:

For smaller spaces such as a loft, a greenhouse or even a particular room in your house we highly recommend our “RCBL” model which thanks to its integrated energy monitor you can have a tighter control over its use of energy so you can save it.

For all needs:

If we find it difficult to choose or we are looking for a multi-purpose device, the Haverland RCM model is your best option. This model has been specially designed to face these challenges with different programme settings (daily, weekly or on weekends) and a high thermal inertia design.

Finally, all our models are easy to install and you can always contact us at our website to ask for advice concerning your needs. We will be pleased to attend your request and offer you a solution.