8 energy efficient ways to stay warm this winter

Energy efficient is tricky in Winter as it is an expensive time of year because of the inevitable need to increase expenditure on heating. There are, however, ways to keep your home warm while, at the same time, reducing your energy bills. Here are our top tips for remaining warm in the winter months:

Fit heavy curtains

A shocking two-fifths of the heat that escapes from a typical home in winter is from uncovered windows. Heavy, lined curtains that extend below the window frame will help keep the warmth from escaping.

Close off unused rooms

If your heating system will let you, turn off heating in empty rooms. Electric radiators can operate independently of one another so they make this simple to achieve.

Lay a rug or carpet

This helps reduce heat loss through the floor and saves you from having to walk on a cold surface.

Insulate your home

A well-insulated house uses up to 45% less energy for heating than an uninsulated one. Although it involves a modest initial outlay, this improvement will pay for itself very quickly in cheaper bills.

Harness sunshine

Where possible, remove outside obstructions (such as trees, plants, and sheds) that keep the sun’s heat from reaching your house. And don’t forget to keep your blinds and curtains open during the day to make the most of the free solar energy (always assuming the sun is shining!).

Watch the temperature

Around 20 degrees C is an ideal indoor room temperature for most people. Ideally, fit a programmable thermostat to your heater (our own electric radiators come pre-fitted with such devices). If this is impractical, place a thermometer in your living area to keep an eye on the temperature.

Focus on people rather than the house

Keeping yourself warm is far less expensive than heating your house. Wearing a thick pair of socks and a snug jumper could save you hundreds of pounds in energy bills.

Maintain your heaters

Get them serviced professionally at least once every two to three years to keep them running at optimum efficiency. Cleaning heaters regularly also helps maximise efficiency. Most importantly, ensure you have the latest and most energy efficient radiators possible. This investment will typically pay for itself during your first winter.

So, keeping your home warm during winter needn’t be onerous or expensive. All it takes is a little forethought, minor investment and the implementation of a few simple steps.

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