Electric panel heaters that are also eco-friendly

It is often said that panel heaters are not the most energy efficient appliances to have in your home since they require a long time to warm up. At Haverland, we have the solution. Our electric panel heaters, such as MEDUSA, are eco-friendly and energy efficient, so you won’t feel guilty when you turn it on.

How do panel heaters work?

Panel heaters have a large surface area made out of aluminum. This material allows the device to warm up fast while distributing heat evenly throughout the room without drying out the air.

The best place to install a panel heater is under your windows. This helps prevent cold drafts because the air is warmed as it passes over the heating device. MEDUSA can be easily wall mounted and installed under any window of your home. It includes the wall-fixing brackets required to do so.

Are panel heaters eco-friendly?

We all want to hop on the eco-friendly trend and make our homes as energy efficient as possible. So, to bring you good news, the answer is yes. Haverland’s panel heaters are eco-friendly.

Our heating devices made out of recycled materials convert a 100% of the energy to heat. Also, the advanced technology implemented in our heating controls enables users to fully customize their temperature settings and consumption.

MEDUSA is one of the best devices to help you have an eco-friendly home and save energy with its energy monitoring functionality. It also has an open window control that senses when a window is open and shuts off the device. Another key feature is its programming function, which allows you to control when the heating device turns on or off, even if you’re away from home. Haverland is 100% compromised with making the planet a better place. We work hard on designing heating devices that help you save energy and reduce the environmental impact. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.