Haverland: Pioneers in the manufacture of eco-friendly electric radiators

At Haverland, since 1971 we have been accompanying those people who, like us, have decided to make the change towards responsible consumption. We decided to change the rules of the game, we rather focus on the quality and sustainability of our eco-friendly electric radiators than on following the market rules established until then. This decision, among other things, has led us today to what we are: A leading manufacturer of electric heating solutions.

Haverland heating systems have advanced controls that allow users to have complete control in their temperature settings, which leads to an optimal energy use, without any waste.

In addition to worrying about the energy consumption of our radiators, we also try to make the production process as sustainable as possible, thus using recycled materials both in the production of our radiators and in their packaging.

What are the most efficient electric radiators?

We work so that our products are updated in terms of the latest and most innovative technological advances (With the approval of ISO certification) and relevant legal requirements (LOT20, WEEE Directive).

Even though we are very focused on be the most innovative and eco-friendly company we never forget that our customers are also looking for other requirements when they are deciding which model to buy, such as:

Installation convenience:

The easy and intuitive design of our devices is key to achieving great satisfaction in our users, without the need for installation, our eco-friendly electric radiators are super easy to use and can be programmed in a personalized way.

Avant-garde designs: 

Haverland’s values ​​combined with its modern radiator’s designs mean that few can resist. We have several models, so that according to your needs and those of your home, they can be easily adapted to the decoration and give it that distinctive and elegant touch that characterizes us.


We have worked to provide the best technology at an affordable price for the market. In addition, thanks to the uniform distribution of heat provided by our systems, it will keep the temperature in the room, requiring less consumption.

Will electric radiators be indispensable in the future?

In the United Kingdom, the demand for electric radiators does not stop growing, and given the changes in legislation, infrastructure and technology, it is expected that they will continue to grow rapidly in the following years, reaching in 2025, a massive installation of 300,000 electric radiators.

Go ahead and sign up for a real change with the sector’s top company!

At Haverland we work with a wholesale electrical distribution network, so you can find our products in specialized heating centers, always with our guarantee of quality and our unmatched and exclusive installation service.