Controlling the room temperature from Haverland App is possible


Currently there are many applications that help us to know at all times the state of our house, from the content of our refrigerator to who enters or leaves the door. In the case of intelligent heating, being able to know and control the temperature of our home remotely not only implies greater comfort but also significant savings. Haverland App help you to control the temperature of a room. One of the reasons why more and more people are opting for smart heating is the savings of up to 30% that can be achieved by optimizing its use.

There are several smart electric heating options at the consumer’s disposal, so that the user can choose what best suits their needs.

Haverland App


With this option, the temperature of our house will vary according to a pre-established pattern of hours that we ourselves can select. Some systems allow weekly programming, since our activity at home is not the same on daily days and on weekends. Elements such as presence detectors allow the thermostats of our installation to be self-programming by learning our routine to update the programming, adapting it more and more precisely to our schedules. This futuristic, sci-fi sounding thing is much closer and much more affordable than you might imagine.


The comfort of controlling the heating of your home from wherever you are thanks to your Smartphone is unmatched. Being connected at all times, from an App you will be able to know in detail the operation of your heating and turn it on, turn it off, or adjust it thanks to its WiFi connection. Some devices allow you to be carefree thanks to the GPS connection, establishing a proximity range to your home, the heating will activate itself when you are arriving so that when you arrive you do not get cold waiting for each room to warm up.

Programminng and connection

Of course, some devices available on the market integrate both possibilities, programming and internet connection. In the event that our programmed routine changes, we can continue to enjoy the greater comfort and convenience of our home by making changes from the App. Automatically increase the temperature of your house before getting up so that getting out of bed does not become so hard. lower it during the day when you are not at home to reduce consumption, increase it again before you return and reduce it when you go to sleep. What if you go on a trip? Very simple, you can leave it off and program it to turn on automatically when you return.

Many countries are studying the mandatory implementation of digitized heating systems in new buildings and renovation of systems in old buildings. The possibility of monitoring these contributes both to savings for end users and to total energy savings. Since power generation is a process that involves a large percentage of emissions into the atmosphere of each country, governments are interested in reducing these emissions, and reducing energy use involves reducing pollution at the same time. than considerable savings.