Now launched! Our new Simply radiator


Meet Simply, our newest radiatorclever electric heating at its most simple. Stylish and sleek, it combines an easy manual dial for full function control as well as the option to control via Haverland’s free app for smartphones and tablets. Control at your fingertips, whichever way you like.    

Simply is a fusion of traditional and advanced engineering and it’s Lot 20 compliant. Since we discontinued our popular manual RCA radiator a few years ago to meet ecodesign rules, we’ve been asked almost daily for something to fill the gap.  So here it is.   

Simply is an energy-efficient solution that works for everyone and in all types of living and workspace.  It’s particularly suited to care homes, social housing, and student accommodation due to its easy controllability and energy-saving features. 

It’s the only radiator of its kind in this class and there are many reasons why we think Simply is your next best choice.   

  • We’ve been pioneering the best in electric radiators for 50 years now, giving you peace of mind for quality and service. 
  • With just the turn of a dial you can control your radiator; switch it on and off and set your temperature; a coloured light indicates the set heating level.   
  • Via the app, you can create a personal weekly heating schedule, choosing the ideal temperature setting for each hour and each day, saving energy by heating the room only when you need it.   
  • Open Window detection will switch the radiator off temporarily if a window is left open in the room and switch it back on again when it detects the window is shut by a rise in temperature. 
  • A thermostat accurate to  0.2oc  ensures very precise temperature settings, saving wasted energy. 
  • An adaptive start function will ‘pre-heat’ the room, so it reaches the right temperature just when you need it, further reducing energy waste.   
  • A built-in thermal safety limiter won’t let the temperature of the radiator surface exceed 75oc. Safety for all.  
  • It’s super easy and fast to install and comes with wall mounting brackets and positioning templates. 
  • A choice of 5 models.  Watts range from 600 W to 1800 W and sizes start from 435cm (L) x  580cm (H) to 1070cm (L) x 580cm (H).   
  • 10-year radiator block seal guarantee and 3-year electronic guarantee 

We think it’s simply the best! 

Contact us today to find out more.