Benefits of having an electric radiator

efficient electric radiator, eco-rad (xr)

Heating systems and types have evolved a lot in recent years, so we understand that there are doubts when choosing one or the other. What does the choice depend on? It will depend on the budget, geographical area, type of home, habitual use or environmental requirement.

There are many types of heating and heat emitting devices: electric radiators, pellet stoves, accumulators, thermal fluids, plates, convectors, and even outdoor heating.

Electric radiators are a type of fixed heating, which works when we connect it to the electrical network. Usually, the manufacturing material is aluminum, since the radiator has to be a thermal conductor and aluminum is a material that conducts heat.

They have an electronic control thermostat, which allows collecting the data received from the temperatures and programmed times and managing the operation of the transmitter.

Electric radiators are easy to install and very easy to use, providing a quick and safe solution. And above all it is an environmentally friendly heating system, because it does not consume oxygen or produce fumes or gases.

The electric radiator is a type of heating that uses electrical resistance to generate heat. Electric radiators help heat last, contributing to significant energy savings.


Having an electric radiator at home has many advantages. Installation is simple and as it is low-consumption electric heating, it is highly recommended for large heating needs.

If we choose to use an electric radiator, we must remember that we will need to make a good calculation of the power per square meters that the room has. Depending on the size of the room, one or more appliances are still needed to heat up the room as soon as possible. In addition, the maintenance of electric radiators is simple, since it does not require a schedule of periodic inspections.

There are many reasons why to opt for the use of low consumption electric radiators:

  • Thanks to their efficiency, safety and ease of use, the electric radiators allow their consumption to be adjusted to the actual heating needs.
  • Its installation is simple, it does not require work. Its cost depends on the type of home, the isolation and the climatic zone where it is located.
  • Thanks to the high-precision thermostats, whose accuracy is +/- 0.1o C, consumption is always moderate and adjusts to the real needs of each room.
  • The possibility of independent programming, according to the needs of each person, is another way to reduce consumption and save on the electricity bill.
  • The versatility is shown in the great variety of powers that these radiators have (450W to 2000W) and models.


Choosing electric radiators is the smartest option, due to their great characteristics and low consumption. For you to be choose right, you have to be very clear about the use time that the electric radiator will have and the optimal power to install for the square meters of the room to be heated.