Add some comfort to your bathroom with an electric bathroom heater

Most of us seek to maintain a stable and pleasant temperature in the bathroom to avoid getting cold when we get out of the shower. This is easy to achieve with an electric towel rail, however, some fear that they may not be safe to install.

The electric bathroom heaters are safe to install, but not only that, they are also a brilliant accessory for your bathroom because of their functionality.

It does not matter if you already have central heating or not, an electric radiator and electric heated towel rails work individually. Illud est, you can enjoy the comfort of a warm towel and bathroom without the need to waste energy by turning on the heating of the whole house.

Are the electric bathroom heaters waterproof?

In a nutshell, yes, they are.To ensure your safety, they should be, any other way you wouldn’t be able to install them. 

The material of these types of radiators ensures maximum safety and comfort. The main and most relevant difference is its functionality, an electric towel rail not only allows you to heat the room to a suitable temperature but also heats and dries your towels. 

Haverland electric towel rails not only stand out for their technology, but also for their modern and functional design, which adapts to any space. There are two different types of electric towel rails in Haverland:

  • TOD – TOWEL RAIL HEATER: A practical design to hold and warm towels as well as the room itself, it offers a minimalist design with the best technology. It is programmable 24/7, keyboard lock and Intelligent temperature control ITCS function
  • HERCULES BATHROOM RADIATOR: A stylish design for any bathroom, it is the perfect choice for your home, as well as a sustainable option that respects the environment. It is a built-in hot air convector fan (1000 W) that warms the surrounding air in the room extremely quickly, distributing warmth evenly.

At Haverland we have unique, modern and functional designs that marry perfectly with sustainability and the respect for the environment. This allows us to create a relaxed and mindful atmosphere for you and your family.