Add a touch of style to your bathroom with our functional design towel rail

Bathrooms are unique environments with very specific heat requirements, so they need a specific heating system, towel rails are the best option. Whether we are modernizing or renovating our bathroom, the heating system par excellence, the towel rail, can never be missing. A heated towel rail is the perfect way to heat your bathroom and towels, while also creating a warm atmosphere. In addition, it is the best heating appliance with value for money.

The towel rails are heating devices that are placed in the bathroom. They serve as a heater at the same time that they dry and heat the towels as mentioned above. The temperature is variable depending on the space of the bathroom.

Towel rails

The towel rails have many advantages apart from those mentioned above:

  • Decoration: they can be used to fill empty spaces and bring coherence to your composition. Haverland models are committed to design and can be an interesting detail for your bathroom.
  • They take up little space: they are anchored to the wall and are quite flat. Their dimensions are reduced so towel rails do not take up much space in the toilet.
  • Maintenance: they have a very simple maintenance routine. You just have to clean the surface with a cloth and you’re done.

TOD: electric towel radiators

Haverland’s new range of TOD electric towel radiators offer fast and efficient heating for your bathroom. Our new towel rails are a very practical feature for holding and warming towels, just like the room itself, bringing a modern touch to any bathroom or shower. Among its features we find a high-precision digital thermostat, which makes it a reliable and easy-to-use radiator.

This type of towel rails not only has a user-configurable time schedule, but also has 9 pre-configured programs so you can fully configure it to your liking. Security is another of its features, as it has IP44 protection and an automatic keyboard lock system. It also has an energy consumption indicator, open window detector, antifreeze function, intelligent ITCS function and Turbo function. In addition, Haverland’s range of towel rails are easy to assemble and do not require work. They are available in two models, the TOD-4 has 17 heating bars and the TOD-7 has 25 bars. It has a 2-year warranty.

The Haverland experts recommend that the Haverland TOD towel rack be placed near the shower or bathtub. This idea is also born from the use of putting the towels on top of the electric radiator and picking them up as easily as possible when you go out. If, due to the fact that the distribution does not allow this location of the towel rail, always keep in mind the functionalities so that you can get the most out of it.

In conclusion, towel rails are ideal for making your bathroom warm and comfortable, especially on those cold days!