5 ideas to create the perfect bathroom

Do you want your bathroom to be one of the most comfortable areas of your home? Prepare it so that you do not feel cold or hot when showering, putting on makeup or shaving. What to do with wet or cold towels? If you have towel rails in your bathroom in addition to creating a pleasant temperature also helps us to dry them. You must have many more aspects when you want to have a perfect bathroom.

To create the best bathroom, you need to have many ideas in mind, so from Haverland we propose bathroom ideas to make it as comfortable as possible and avoid feelings of reluctance in there. 

  1. It is important to consider the size. In other words, you must know how much space you have to choose some materials over others. Also, you will need to know how to choose the right design. At this point we need to think about the functionality and practicality that we want to give to the bathroom. 
  2. Other bathroom ideas are to install good lighting and mirrors. In other words, setting it ready for our other necessities as make-up, shaving, or waxing. All these activities need to have a good viewing angle to make everything perfect. 
  3. A very important aspect to be as comfortable as possible is to have a good heating system that maintains an ideal temperature in our bathroom. Comfortably heating a bathroom while enjoying a hot towel is the promise of towel rails. In Haverland there are several options. Respecting bar towel rails, the new TOD programmable towel dryer has electronic thermostat, antifreeze mode, window opening function and intelligent ITCS temperature control function. In addition, it has the 24H/7D program. This heating system also helps to dry the towels or bathrobe keeping them warm.
    We also need to know how they integrate into the bathroom. Towel rails should never be placed inside the bathroom, shower or sink area. The bar towel rails are prepared to withstand the damp environment of the bathroom, but not for direct water. So, they must be installed in walls where the water does not give directly.
  4. A shower unit, to help us relax as much as possible. There are from the large bathtubs to the minimalist showers decorated with mosaic. A multitude of options ranging from the simplest to whirlpool. Depending on the taste of the person and the space we have we will choose one or the other.

Definitely, to design the bathroom of your dreams you need to have good bathroom ideas. Thinking about design is important. But it is much more important the functionality of the elements that we integrate into it. And facing winter, Haverland towel rails are the best option to warm the air while drying our towels and bathrobes.