4 tips for staying cosy this winter

Winter heating

In Britain, your home’s heating typically gets switched on in October and used daily until at least March, coinciding with the clocks changing and drop in temperature. We’re adjusting to dark, cold evenings and battling the winter weather, the last thing you should be worried about is heating your home effectively.

Here are a couple of tips to help tackle the winter blues and keep your home comfortable.

Stop drafts

Make sure when the heating is on it’s not going to waste and block those draft areas! Investing in draft excluders will drastically help keep your home warm. Also, sealing any gaps or unwanted spaces around your doors and windows will help you focus on day-to-day activities versus the temperature.

Close the curtains

Warmth can slowly escape through your windows especially if they aren’t double or triple glazed which would allow your optimal temperature to surrender to the cold. Insulated curtains are a great way of keeping the heat where it should be.

During the day, open your curtains wide to let in the natural warmth of the sun but once night falls, close your curtains to act as an additional layer of insulation.

Know your ideal temperature

It’s easy to rush in and turn the thermostat all the way up when the weather is freezing cold, but what is the optimal temperature to ensure a cosy feeling is achieved? Aim to set your main room thermostat somewhere between 18°C and 21°C. Or, our RCTT range comes with a ‘boost’ option that will heat up to maximum temperature for two hours. After two hours, the temperature will return to the mode previously selected.

Smart controls

Electric radiators that offer fully programmable heating control can give you the flexibility to create a bespoke heating routine and cosy ambience for each room. The RC 12.8 TT has a built-in digital programmer with new daily, weekly and weekend programming options.

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, choosing the right system to support your lifestyle is key. Here at Haverland, we have a range of solutions, choose your ideal product for your space, here.