The advantages of being able to program your electric heaters

Program your electric heaters and towel rails a while before the arrival at home, the time of getting up or the moments in the bathroom are the perfect solution to not get cold in your home and save money on the electricity bill. Turning them on only when it is needed optimizes heating time and is much more energy efficient.

The best heating is the one that provides a stable feeling of comfort throughout the time we are in one place. Today on Haverland’s blog we want to talk about programmable electric heaters.

Programmable electric heaters

Maintaining a correct temperature at home is important for us to be comfortable and programmable electric heaters stand out for their energy-saving capacity. They are together with the Wi-Fi control models the most recommended type of control in electric heating. All models of ceramic radiators with Wi-Fi control are also digital and programmable from the radiator itself thanks to the thermostats that have been incorporated in each of those heaters.

There are certain good habits to optimize the heat at home. It is recommendable to try that the hours of switched on the heating coincide with those of real occupation of the house. It is also recommendable to turn it off during the night because the environment is at a comfortable thermal level and during the night tucked into bed we do not need a temperature higher than 17 degrees. There are programmable electric heaters that let you dial them off at night and turn on a few minutes before getting up.

Smart Thermal Radiators

Haverland offers a wide range of programmable electric heaters to heat any home among which we can find smart thermal radiators, like the ULTRAD and ECO-RAD models, which program themselves according to your daily routine and your needs. You will now have full control from your smartphone, tablet, and PC/Mac in real time, anytime and place of the world. Also, with our SIMPLY range with Bluetooth®, you can program your radiators from your smartphone. Program from your smartphone and “launch” the configuration to your Simply radiators, and conventional thermal radiators, such as the RCC8TTS Inerzia, which has 5 pre-configurations, each one for different spaces in the home. They are all easy to program. It also has a weekly schedule, so you can set a specific time and have the radiator turn on automatically. 

In addition, Haverland has its own App from which you can control all your Haverland smart radiators as a whole or individually unlimited stays.

  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Easy drive.
  • Adjust the temperature individually.
  • Remote keypad lock of your radiators.
  • Up to 32 radiators connected simultaneously.
  • Multiplatform (smartphones, tablets and PC/Mac).
  • Consumption management.
  • Programming day by day, hour by hour.

Bar Towel rails

If we refer to the programmable bathrooms, Haverland offers bathroom radiators and bar towel rails, such as the new TOD towel rail, with which you can have total control and activate it at any time you want. It has 24H/7 programming days a week.

In conclusion, the programmable electric heaters are the best option to avoid feeling cold at home with a high energy efficiency because they help you to save on the electricity bill. If you want to know more about this type of heating consult all the options offered by Haverland.