About Haverland

Haverland is a leading manufacturer of electric heating solutions. Founded in 1971, we’ve been pioneering the very best in electric radiators and heating systems ever since. Today, we offer premium electric heating technology, ideal for all types of spaces, at affordable price points. Our products are the electric radiators of choice for many new build and refurbishment projects and are stocked in electrical wholesalers nationwide. Overseas we supply our products to more than 30 countries.

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Dedicated local UK support

Our UK team is based at our centrally located offices and showroom in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

We offer regional support to contractors and electrical wholesalers across the country.

The market for electric radiators in the UK is growing. If you are an electrical wholesaler selling a broad range of electrical products, there are several reasons to include Haverland’s electric radiators in your inventory (scroll further down this web page for more information). If you’re an existing business partner, our UK team is here to ensure you have every support you need in getting the very best from our partnership. Not every heating requirement is the same and our technical team are on hand to help with free electrical heating studies and calculations and to answer any questions that you or your customers have.

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Haverland is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, where we are the market leaders and have a world-class manufacturing and innovation facility.

We carefully source components and our manufacturing processes are ISO certified to ensure the highest quality. Since our inception we have focussed on achieving excellence in electric heating by investing in continuous improvement. Our research and development teams work hard to ensure our products are kept updated with the latest technological advances and legislative requirements. But we don’t stop there. We work hard to ensure that electric radiators are designed and manufactured to offer users an optimum experience and our partners every commercial success.

Four focus areas guide us in delivering the highest level of service:

Convenience: The wellbeing of our customers is paramount. We consciously design our products to be easy to use and simple to programme, with zero maintenance.

Controlled energy consumption: At their core, our electric radiators are designed to be 100% energy efficient with zero wastage. They include features that enable users to take full control of their electric heating. We design these features to offer total flexibility, allowing users to easily monitor and adjust their heating requirements.

Comfort: The wellbeing of our customers is invaluable. We have designed several safety features into our products and offer customisable programming options to allow users to personalise their heating as required.

Commercial differentiation: Our dedication to research and development has led to Haverland introducing truly pioneering electric heating technology. Did you know that we offered the world’s first electric radiator with combined machine learning? Click to learn more: www.ultrad.co.uk


The demand for electric radiators in the UK has been rising steadily in recent times.
With changes in technology, infrastructure and legislation, this demand is set to grow even stronger.

  • Electric heating is the main non-gas heating source in Scotland & England  (Ofgem)
  • 300,000+ electric radiators expected to be installed annually in the UK by 2025 (Global Market Insights, Inc)
  • Electricity demand in the UK is growing and heating is one of two major contributors (Drax)

Our electric radiators combine radiant and convection heat to provide the optimum thermal performance and energy efficiency, in appealing designs with easy to use controls. Haverland electric radiators are sold via the electrical wholesaling networks. We are the go-to manufacturer for high-quality, in-demand electric radiators and offer our partners unrivalled commercial benefits, including exclusive product ranges, excellent trade discounts,  free expert technical heating studies and a popular reward-based loyalty scheme for installers.  Contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Haverland partner.



Our electric radiators are designed from the outset to be environmentally conscious. We have pioneered advanced electric heating controls to enable users to fully control their temperature settings. 100% of the energy used by our radiators converts to heat, with zero wastage. All Haverland electric radiators are fully LOT 20 compliant.

We also include recycled materials in the production of our electric radiators, and the products’ packaging is also widely recyclable. Haverland is fully compliant with the WEEE Directive.

The secret to our success

We are passionate about electric heating and have been honing our expertise since our inception. We work extremely hard to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products and service. We manufacture heating systems where savings, quality, comfort and design combine to meet our customers’ needs. In return, our customers agree that our electric towel rails and designer electric radiators are the most efficient electrical heaters on the market.