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Why electric heaters are an energy efficient choice

A jaw-dropping statistic has been in the news over the past few weeks; for three years in a row now, planet Earth has experienced record high temperatures.
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Connections - Making the right connections

We are now at a defining moment in terms of technology as we enter the fourth industrial revolution with the coming together of automation, cloud-based internet and machine-to-machine communication.

What's a 'designer' electric radiator?

As a progressive electrical installer or wholesaler you will, no doubt, be keen to provide the best possible heating options for your clients while, at the same time, also maximise your own profits.
Electric radiators versus storage heaters

Energy efficient ways to stay warm this winter

Keeping your home warm during winter needn’t be onerous or expensive. All it takes is a little forethought and the implementation of a few simple steps.

Panel heaters vs. Electric radiators

As you shop around for the best deal, you’ll come across a range of electric heating options – selecting the best one is a crucial decision.
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Benefits of electric heating

Fitting an electric radiator in your room offers a host of brilliant features and benefits. Here are just four: