EPC rating

The impact of EPC ratings

Whether you are the owner, landlord or tenant of a building, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is an essential part as it contains the following: - Information about a property’s energy use and typical energy costs - Recommendations…

Improve Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

When it comes to improving your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating there are areas within your property that can have a significant impact not only on the overall score but also on long-term cost savings. In this infographic, we explore…
Haverland App

Upgrades to our Haverland App

We are glad to announce that we are upgrading our Haverland App! If you are a current user, a notification will appear when you open the App starting on the first week of September.
RCBL Electric Radiator Conservatories

Extend the summerhouse's all year round potential

With the humble shed and summerhouse taking centre stage, why not keep the sun shining all year around by investing in electric heating?

The 21st century DIY-er

With such a cross-section of DIYers, Haverland has a wide range of products to meet the variety of needs that are represented by today’s 21st Century DIYer.
bathroom electric radiator

The rise of the bathroom spa

With more and more of us travelling for business and pleasure, there is a growing demand for people to have that ‘hotel at home’ experience.
Electric Radiators

Three simple steps to tackle damp in your home

Condensation and damp are two side effects of winter that can have long-lasting repercussions. If left untreated, they can lead to mould, which as well as being unsightly, can trigger a range of health problems. If your property has a problem with damp, you are not alone!
Electric radiator

Home improvement trends for 2018

2018 is underway and as well as being the year of the Winter Olympics, a royal wedding and the world cup, there are many who will be setting aside time and money to make this the year of home improvements.
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Full temperature control without lifting a finger

It is over three years since Amazon announced the launch of Alexa – the intelligent personal assistant that enables voice activation, music playback and other real-time information streaming activities on the company’s Echo and Echo dot devices.
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True, false or ridiculous – energy myths busted!

Many of us have been raised on well-worn commands such as: ‘close that fridge door’, ‘turn off that light’, ‘shut that door, we don’t live in a barn’! However, there are some energy beliefs that have stood the test of time, yet aren’t based on any factual evidence.